We received a call from a daughter stating her mother had a stroke and the situation looked dire. Her mother was in the hospital, and she wanted one of HHR nurses involved to pay “a bit of attention to details” that she thought were overseen by nurses at the hospital. She had three primary concerns:

1. She noticed that her mother wasn’t eating her meals and no one was monitoring her food or fluid intake. Often the daughter saw that the meals were left untouched. The hospital’s priority was to care for her mother’s seizures, and eating her meals and taking fluids was secondary.

2. She was concerned that her mother was lonely in the hospital. She wanted her mother to have extra care and attention.

3. She wanted our nurses to gather data and information from the doctors and nurses in order to advocate for her.

HHR provided nurses with expertise in acute strokes, who oversaw the mother’s care. According to the daughter, our nurses made quite a difference.

The mother, whom the doctors thought was going to die within weeks, was slowly recovering. She was sent to a local rehab unit in the same facility attached to her independent living unit.

The nurses helped with this transition and again worked with the team there to continue to assist with her comprehensive care needs, including developing a plan with goals for the patient.

The mother continued to recover. Eventually, she returned to her independent living apartment where, two years later, she still resides without any obvious deficits other than that of natural aging.

The daughter, family and patient believe this is a “miracle.” We believe we were doing our job. This is what we do!

The family celebrates birthdays, holidays, weddings and even a trip to Bermuda!

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